Complete Wipe and Rates Changed.

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Complete Wipe and Rates Changed.

Post  Solvix on Wed Sep 05, 2007 2:35 pm

Well, because our trial week has gone by, we decided to Wipe the server clean. And the reborn command gave the Database an error so either way it was a Wipe. we also hope you stay with us this is a one time Wipe it shouldn't happen again unless we are hacked (Which shouldn't happen).

We also have changed the rates of our server as of the old rates where crashing HeavenLy's world server from the massive leveling.

We have changed the rates to

20K Exp
8K Zuly
8K Drop

He also got the /reborn command working properly.

Well maybe further into the career of this server we will be looking into changing and updating alot of stuff.

Good Luck and we hope you Enjoy your stay with us at HeavenLyRose.



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